Item # SP 222

Sterling Silver Gorham Salt & Pepper Shakers

Price: $ 0

Item # SP 223

Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers

Price: $ 0

Item # SP # 234

open salt saller

Price: $ 0

Item # SP # 237

Japanese shakers

Price: $ 0

Item # SP # 235

Pair or sterling silver open salts, by Stieff, in beautiful floral pattern, on three feet. Measuring open salt 2.2 inches wide, weight 45g. At excellent condition.

Price: $ 0

Item # SP # 236

Very nice set of Vintage .950 Sterling Silver Japanese Dragon Boat Salt and Pepper Shakers. Beautifully ornate and intricately designed with Gold or Gold Leaf inlay and complete in every way.

Price: $ 0

Item # SP127

Georg Jensen sterling silver salt and pepper shakers 2-piece set. The pieces are and measure 3 1/2" tall. The shakers weigh 3.2 oz.

Price: $ 0

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